Sunday, 1 July 2018

Sound is everywhere, Do you hear?


It's a natural thing we all know that sound is harmful when it crosses our hearing skill. In this world, there are many places where the sound is crossing our limit and contribute to sound pollution. sound pollution is everywhere in this world.

Do you know? 

How much is the sound level present in our places and living surroundings?

Our post related to the subject of sound and its effects

The sound is present everywhere around us Have you ever heard these sounds?

What impact do these sounds have on our lives? Have you ever thought?

These sounds belong to our daily lives, But we are not so aware of these sounds and how much we know about these sounds.

Today we will give you interesting information about these sounds. When you are present at different places, the level of these sounds is in those places.

Watch our video related to sound and analyze the effects of sound on our daily lives.


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