Friday, 27 July 2018

Colorful stories of colors


Color is the most important part of that story in every story. But in every colorful story, that color is a different story of its own. So today we share that story with you, maybe you liked this story.

Its a story of color we use in our daily living. color is a part of our life every day we see many colors in our surrounding living environment. The story starts with a blue color, the blue color is the most favorable color of many peoples. the blue color is the primary color in the color circle. 

Most of the things related to blue color as an example in a social media context, our social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are using blue color. 

why these social media platforms use blue color? the answer is shocking but true, According to color researcher blue is the most useable color in the social marketing firm and digital media entertainment platform. you can notice that many companies use blue color in our product and brand logo. because of the blue color attraction many of people purchasing blue color related items. an example most people purchasing blue color jeans and shirts. According to a research marketing firm and product, manufacturers use 47% of blue color worldwide. 

Most of the people using blue color in our smartphone background wallpaper. fashion industry uses blue color in our latest fashion dresses. Most of the fashion consultant recommended people to wear blue color in a job interview because blue color is related to loyalty. Most people think blue color is the color of kings because in history many kings wearing blue color. blue color not only attracted kings but it also attracted mosquitos. yes, its true blue color is attracting mosquitos.

Do you know? 

Which is the only bird that can see the blue color?

To know some interesting information watch our video here

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