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The incredible innovative city around the world


It said that the wheel of the development of a country passes through his cities. The city of a country is similar to the mirror and the reflection of that country appears in their cities. So we will provide you information about the cities of some countries who made their identity in the world as incredible innovation cities.

Made in line with modernist thinking, these cities are quite popular in the world due to its shape, architecture and building style. Due to these characteristics, these cities have been named in the list of unbelievable innovative cities. Technology that holds an important place in today's environment, and on the basis of this technique, such cities are developing which are making their own identity in the world.

As a Chinese politician Li Kuqiang said that changes call for innovation and innovation leads to progress. 

Just as these innovation-related words, these cities are made by innovative ideas. So now we tell you which cities are in this list of incredible innovation cities and what are their features.

The first city in this list is Zurich, which has gained the first place in the list of incredible innovation cities. 

This city of Switzerland, which is present in Western Europe, has known in the world as an incredible innovation city. This city is a perfect example of a smart management system. We are saying this because this city operates under a smart management system. So we tell you that how this smart management system works. 

The smart management system is a system by which cities are operated smoothly and systematically. In this system, a group of different framework networks works together, which changes the system into a smart management system.

Some framework network as an example-

Human framework network
Institution framework network
Energy framework network
Data management framework network
Economic framework network
Infrastructure framework network
Governance framework network 

These framework networks together contribute to the operation of a smart management system. You will be surprised to know about the Zurich city is top on liveable cities in the world according to global liveability ranking. Based on the quality of life ranking, this city has made its identity in the world. This city has shown its innovation in the field of green architecture. In the field of Green Architecture, this city has designed its building and structure to reduce carbon emissions. You will also be surprised to know that 70 percent of people and tourists used public transport in this city.

The second city in this list is Amsterdam, which has gained second place in the list of incredible innovation cities.

It is also a part of the land of Europe which is located in the Netherlands country. This city has also achieved new milestones in the field of innovation. Now we tell you that what Amsterdam has achieved in the new field of innovation. First, we tell you that Amsterdam is a global city and it is also included in the list of Alpha World cities. Based on the quality of life ranking, this city comes in second place. Now we give you information about the innovation of this city. This city has done a great job while demonstrating innovative thinking in the field of solar energy and waste energy. Electricity is produced in this city from Waste Material, which is done by the cooperation of a waste solutions provider company AEB. It is driven by the innovative thinking of keeping the city clean and using waste properly. 

In the field of solar energy and nanotechnology, Amsterdam has introduced commendable work of green electricity generation from solar panels. Amsterdam has taken an innovative step to light the Port of Amsterdam through more than 4100 solar panels while producing green electricity. This green electricity-generating project is the largest solar energy generating project in Amsterdam. This is part of Amsterdam's healthy ecosystems. It is also known as Solardam.

The third city in this list is Stockholm, which has gained the third place in the list of incredible innovation cities.

Stockholm, which is known as the capital of Sweden. This city has demonstrated its innovative thinking in the field of education and educational entrepreneurship. With the help of an organization named Youth Entrepreneurship, developing new innovation in the education system. It's like earning via learning approach set in their educational institutions. Students between 16-20 age groups create their own company and learn how to run and earn. Another innovative concept in education is to inventing based learning. Inventing based learning concept help students to become an inventor, innovator, and entrepreneur.

Do you hear the word solvatten?

How it related to water innovation?

If innovation is discussed in the area of drinking water, then the name of Solvatten is linked to Stockholm. Solvatten is a major water innovation in Stockholm city. What is solvatten?

Solvatten is a solar water purifier. By removing water impurities, water is made drinkable by this solar water device. As you may know, Solvatten is a device to purify water. Now we tell you how it works? It works in three steps i.e. in order to make the water clean, it has to go through three steps. First step filtration, second step pasteurisation and third step UV sterilisation. It purifies 10 liters of water through solar energy in just two hours. It is an important technique for purifying water through natural resources and which is also used in the field of environmental protection by using it in abundance in today's changing environment. With the view of environmental protection and Eco-friendly campaign, Stockholm has created a new revolution in the production of eco-friendly clothes. The production work of eco-friendly clothes has been started here. Through which the message of environmental protection is being given to the people and the trend of eco-friendly clothes is also increasing among the people. Which is being operated by a research foundation, Mistra.

The fourth city on this list is London, which has gained fourth place in the list of incredible innovation cities.

London, which is an Incredible Innovative City, which has made new innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This city has made a very good way to manage the city with the help of satellite and artificial intelligence. Which is known as Amsit Bridge Project? By which the infrastructure of London city is monitored.

You can also call it a new Ecosystem in the city of London. In this ecosystem, the city's buildings and infrastructure are monitored by the satellite application catapult. What is included in this new ecosystem of London city and how it works. This new ecosystem mainly focuses on the traffic system, energy system, water supply system and drainage system. By this, the process of operating these arrangements of the city becomes easy and convenient. With the help of reflectors to collect data in this ecosystem.  Reflector plays an important role in this ecosystem, which is installed in different parts of the city and through satellite technology, information about different parts of the city is obtained. You will also be surprised to know that approximately 700 to 800 companies related to artificial intelligence are also working in London and London is also seen as the hub of artificial intelligence.

The fifth city in this list is Singapore, which has gained fifth place in the list of incredible innovation cities.

Singapore which is famous for modern technologies around the world and has made many innovations in the field of technology.

We give you information about such technical innovations that you will find in Singapore in the coming years. These technological innovations include a new innovation related to Infrastructure and Labor Force, Robo Tiling innovation of Singapore. This is a new innovation related to the construction work, in which the tiles will be fitted by robots.

In the next few years, this type of robot will show you while working tiles fitting in Singapore. The possibility of human errors in the work of tiles fitting by these robots will also be reduced. In this era of modernity, there are new changes every day in the field of technology. It is also a new innovation in the field of technology.

So this is the world's top five Incredible Innovative City. Who has made its position in the Global Innovation Index with the capacity of their innovation? To know more about their innovation, please see our video.


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  3. The List of incredible and innovative cities around the world is inclusive of Zurich, Amsterdam, Stockholm, London, and Singapore. Built innovatively by adapting to technological advances, the buildings of these countries are of top infrastructural are many places


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