Friday, 3 November 2017

In the 19th century, Highest earning dance-based movies in the world


Dancing is very deep relationship with the film world. Various variations of dance have been used in every decade of films. But do you know that there are some movies whose script is based on dance and these movies earned a huge amount of money.

we will give you information on dance-based films, which are related to dance arts and are the highest grossing films in the world.

This is the list of 19th-century movies based on dance and the highest earning movies in the world.

Saturday Night Fever Movie-

Saturday Night Fever Movie which was released in 1977 and Movie earned 285.4 million dollars.

Staying Alive Movie-

Staying Alive Movie which was released in 1983 and Movie earned 127.6 million dollars.

Flashdance Movie-

Flashdance Movie which was released in 1983 and Movie earned
94.9 million dollars.

Footloose Movie-

Footloose Movie which was released in 1984 and Movie earned 80 million dollars.

Dirty Dancing Movie-

Dirty Dancing Movie which was released in 1987 and Movie earned 214 million dollars.

The Full Monty Movie-

The Full Monty Movie which was released in 1997 and Movie earned 257.9 million dollars.

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