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Books whose based on the indian cinema journey


Every journey starts with a story, what is the story of Indian cinema journey?

There are some books to help you understand the journey of Indian cinema.

These books explain you story of Indian cinema.

These books telling the story of Indian cinema, which provides information about the forms of Indian cinema. Provides information about the rise and development of Indian cinema and presents the story of Indian cinema.

These books, based on the history of Indian cinema, put light on various aspects of Indian cinema.

 As example-

How film production in India converts into an industry?

How the film industry developed and how the film industry changed with time?

Film production in India started the time of the 20th century.

The exhibition of films in India was started in the 19th century. But in relation to the history of Indian films, its beginning is considered in the 20th century. The 20th century is the period in which film production and exhibition in India began.

The first Indian cinema in the context of Indian cinema was established in 1900 by Major Warwick.

In 1904, India's first cinema hall was completed and the credit for the construction goes to Mani Sethna. Who made India's first cinema with its meaningful efforts. With the construction of this cinema house, the foundation of the establishment of Indian cinema was laid. The building of Indian cinema later on this foundation.

Raja Harishchandra, India's first fully indigenous film, was created in 1913. This film was India's first full indigenous mute feature film, which was created by Dada Saheb Phalke.

Do you know?

Which movie was based on the first Indian love story created in India?

If not, then we tell you that the film based on the first Indian love story produced in India was England Return, Which was displayed in 1921. 

In 1921, an international co-produced film was made in India, which has been ranked first in the category of international co-produced films of India. This film, produced by co-production of India and Italy, is the name of this movie, Nal Damyanti, it is considered the first link of international co-produced films in the history of Indian cinema.

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